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    Private jet charter services

    Air travel on your terms

    The most convenient, private and luxurious way to travel is by private jet charter. Our team at Air Charter International have decades of experience and access to a wide range of aircraft at their disposal to meet any private jet charter requirement.

    Soaring through the open skies on a private aircraft has never been easier to arrange. One call to hire your private jet is all it takes to realize the benefits of a premium flying experience.

    Why book a private flight?

    Private air travel allows you to focus on the reason for traveling rather than the travel itself. The Air Charter International charter team provides a seamless experience from start to finish. Your private charter manager works to intimately understand your timelines, aircraft preferences and additional requirements to come up with a private jet rental solution exclusively for you. In addition to our exclusive private jet options, our empty leg flights enable you to fly private for a much lesser cost, wherein you would board a private plane on its empty return flight from its original chartered destination back to its home base or another location.

    With flights available 24/7, you can seamlessly travel to one of our core destinations including European hotspots such as France and Greece, tourist and business hotbeds India and KSA, and our home base that is Dubai. In addition to these fixed locations, traveling to off-the-grid locations is just as easy with the first class service you deserve.

    Over and above the flexibility and privacy of flying privately, hiring a private jet gives you something much more priceless: more time. Book your private charter today and experience the difference.

    Private personal charter

    Travel with the utmost flexibility and privacy on a bespoke luxury vacation with Air Charter International. Access off-the-grid leisure destinations and save time by reducing lengthy land transfers in remote locations. Your personal charter manager can arrange private charter flights beyond normal flight hours and offer ground assistance pre- and post-flight to maximize your experience.

    Spoilt for choice

    Air Charter International's real-time database of available options provides an unrivaled choice of luxury private jets and aircraft across the globe. Our team has spent over 25 years curating this database to make your air charter experience like no other. We offer the following types of private aircraft for charter:

    Types of private aircraft for charter include:


    Light aircraft that offer exceptional value when chartering an aircraft for short distances.


    Very light jets

    Smaller jet aircraft with quiet modern cabins and a charter range of approximately 2 hours.


    Light jets

    Light executive jets have a passenger capacity of between six and eight people. With a range of up to 4 hours, these charter aircraft are available in a range of configurations to suit your needs.



    Midsize executive jets are ideal when the charter distance is up 6 hours and you need a more spacious cabin. There are a wide range of luxurious cabin configurations available.



    For charter requirements of between 6 to 8 hours, a super-midsize private jet is the ideal solution. These aircraft are exceptionally comfortable and can seat between 7 and 9 passengers.


    Heavy jets

    With seating capacity of up to 16 passengers, First-class executive jets are extremely spacious and can travel continuously for up to 9 hours.


    Ultra long range jets

    For Intercontinental travel requirements, ultra long range jets travel internationally with full standing headroom and generally have luxurious cabins - many are configured with sleeping quarters. Ultra long range jets have a seating capacity of between 12 and 16.


    VIP airliners

    VIP airliners are the pinnacle of international private jet travel. These charter aircraft are configured for ultimate luxury and comfort. Often chartered by Heads of State and royalty, VIP airliners are ideal for those looking to elevate their travel experience.

    From business charters to leisure travel, ACI provides bespoke aviation services

    The team at Air Charter International work tirelessly to align our client’s private jet charter needs with the ideal aircraft for the job. Every private jet charter is unique and requires a bespoke approach. We pride ourselves on thinking ahead and being proactive when it comes to our client’s needs.

    Trusted charter services for international travellers

    There are countless reasons to travel internationally - from luxury shopping trips to visiting remote islands or last minute business trips, ACI has a private jet charter solution that is ready to be tailored for you.

    Private luxury travel

    Take luxury travel to the next level with private shopping trips, remote tropical islands holidays, or old-world city explorations. The options are endless.

    Business jet charter

    With ACI’s jet charter solution, executives have the flexibility to fulfil strict schedules, such as attending meetings at multiple locations and avoid hassles of queuing up at airports.

    Special occassions

    Elevate any special occasion with a private jet charter. Celebrate birthdays, honeymoons and more in luxury and style.

    Family holidays

    Take family holidays to new heights with ACI’s specialized travel solutions. Create bespoke holiday itineraries and travel in style and convenience.

    Flying with pets

    Pets also like to travel in comfort. Private jet charters allow you to spoil your furry friends and keep them by your side the entire way.

    Enquire now about private jet charter services

    Travel on your terms, supported by a dedicated Air Charter International Account Manager. How can we support you?

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