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      Air cargo charter

      Air Charter International has over 3 decades of experience in conducting a myriad of air cargo charters across the globe. With hundreds of precision-perfect cargo charters conducted, you can be rest assured that your next cargo charter is in the hands of exceptionally capable, flexible, and dedicated cargo charter experts.

      Moving freight with speed & precision

      There is no substitute for a well-executed and thoughtfully coordinated air cargo charter. The team at Air Charter International are well-versed in operating cargo charters under exceptionally challenging circumstances. From time-sensitive orders to humanitarian aid and perishable goods, there is a solution, and an aircraft, for every situation.

      All cargo charter services are customized to your specific needs.

      Agile solutions for air cargo challenges

      There is no air cargo charter that is too big, small, or complicated. The Air Charter International team has overcome incredibly challenging freight operations over nearly three decades. From moving heavy outsize industrial cargo to ensuring precise temperature controls of perishable goods, the air charter international team will conduct a load study and planning of your cargo to source the correct cargo aircraft and operator for the job.

      With a global reach of air cargo operators, no air cargo service provider is better equipped to provide the ideal cargo solution for your needs.

      Heavy & oversized cargo

      Can’t fit your cargo on regularly scheduled services? Air Charter International has access to cargo aircraft suited to a variety of oversized cargo needs. Automotive, oil & gas, exhibitions, and more - ACI will find a solution for you.


      Need your aircraft back in the air? The Air Charter International team is acutely aware of how much money is lost when aircraft are on ground. The ACI team will make it their number one priority to get your aircraft back into operation.

      Aid & relief

      Providing aid and relief to remote locations across the globe is critical in today’s world. The Air Charter International team understands how important this function is and moves swiftly towards providing seamless and precise solutions.

      Automotive cargo

      Transportation of vehicles and vehicle parts is a specialized subsection of air cargo charters. A delay in parts delivery can result in millions of dollars of revenue lost. Air Charter International’s team will work towards a solution that gets your vehicles or parts to their destination on-time and within budget.

      Aerospace equipment

      Aerospace equipment is oftentimes oversized. The types of aircraft that can transport these items are, in themselves, specialized and oversized. Let the ACI team help facilitate the movements of your small or ultra large aerospace and aviation equipment.

      High value & high security cargo

      High value and high volume cargo charters are where the ACI team excels. Taking all aspects of the cargo charter into account, the team moves cargo safely and seamlessly to its destination. Every high value or high volume cargo charter is handled with the utmost confidentiality and professionalism.

      Time sensitive cargo

      When time is of the essence, Air Charter International is the first call you should make. The ACI team is available 24/7 and understands the need to deliver these cargo charters within the time parameters agreed.

      Oil and gas equipment

      Based in the Middle East, the Air Charter International team is highly experienced in oil and gas equipment transportation. Additionally, the ACI team is well-versed in transporting crews, executives, and board members to and from rigs out at sea.

      Dangerous goods

      The Air Charter International team does not shy away from transporting dangerous goods via cargo aircraft. Experienced in arranging specialist certifications and working solutions around route restrictions, the ACI team sources custom aircraft and the best crew for your dangerous good cargo charter.
      Cargo experts
      ACI’s extensive knowledge of cargo aircraft dimensions and loading abilities enable us to anticipate and provide various solutions for transporting oversized cargo.
      We understand your needs
      Through experience and knowledge the ACI team quickly understands your needs and provides cargo charter solutions designed with your goals in mind.
      24*7 Support
      The Air Charter International cargo charter team is available round the clock to source a solution for you.

      Find cargo charter solutions you need

      Please tell us more about your air cargo charter requirements below. We will be in touch shortly.

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