When time is of the essence
Whether it’s time-sensitive customer demands, perishable products, humanitarian aid supplies, or industrial equipment, you can rely on ACI’s air cargo charters to take the weight off your shoulders and move your freight wherever and whenever it needs to be.
ACI’s extensive knowledge of cargo aircraft dimensions and loading abilities enable us to anticipate and handle every challenge of transporting your oversized cargo.
Your outsized cargo charter solutions are designed with the knowledge and expertise to ensure delivery against budgets and schedules.
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Solutions for cargo that cannot be loaded on scheduled services, ideally suited for industries like automotive, oil & gas, shipping, exhibitions and more. With access to a global fleet and multiple types of aircraft, no cargo is beyond our scope.
We understand that an aircraft parked on the ground costs you money. With our decades of know-how and experience, ACI’s AOG services take immediate action to get your aircraft back in the air with high-quality, cost-effective and comprehensive solutions.
Overcoming major logistical challenges and delivering aid and relief to those who need it in times of emergencies is vital and time sensitive. Hours can decide the fate of many. ACI reacts quickly with expert solutions that make us an integral service provider in the time of crisis.
Specialist aircraft arrangements to either transport assembled vehicles, spare parts or being part of the supply chain. With over 25 years of experience and a global network, we can transport time sensitive cargo at a cost effective price.
From small aviation components to wings and even satellites, ACI can help facilitate the movements of small and ultra large aerospace and aviation equipment.
Unrelenting standards and determination make us one of the foremost experts in moving high value & security cargo. Whatever your cargo, we will move it safely, keeping in mind all your parameters and concerns, making sure that both you and your cargo are in the best possible hands.
Go Go Go! Its all hands on deck when ACI has to move time sensitive cargo as we understand that lives or success of a project or event depend on us. With a team that is available 24/7, we ensure that we go the extra mile to guarantee that your cargo reaches on time.
Transport expertize covering board members and executives, crew, parts, cargo or even medical evacuations, ACI has vast experience in working with the Oil & Gas industry. With over 25 years of experience and a global network, we can transport time sensitive cargo at a cost effective price.
Specialist certifications, route restrictions, custom aircraft, right skill sets are just some of the requirements to transport dangerous goods. Fortunately, we have all of this covered. Our expert team will give you accurate information on the most effective way to transport dangerous goods.