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    Air Ambulance charter services

    When an urgent medical situation arises, every second counts

    When time is of the essence, Air Charter International is on-call 24/7 to ensure that your air ambulance or emergency air travel requirements are met. Whether it’s a medical emergency, repatriation, or personnel evacuation, our team is on standby to provide you with the support you need.

    Being available at a moment's notice, our air ambulance service providers have exceptionally well trained personnel, state-of-the-art equipment and aircraft that are specifically designed for emergency air travel situations.

    The ACI team is discrete, responsive and demands only the best service levels from our air ambulance service providers.

    Through expertise, efficiency, and commitment to each mission, ACI delivers seamless emergency air ambulance charter anytime, every time.

    Air ambulance services

    When the situation calls for air medical evacuation, you need a partner that can respond at a moment's notice, without hesitation. Air ambulance services are extremely time sensitive, and with ACI’s access to an unmatched fleet of air charter providers, you can be rest assured that you are safe in our hands.

    Repatriation charter

    Repatriations are stressful and require an exceptional amount of coordination. Our Air Charter International team works tirelessly to ensure that your repatriation charter needs are met and exceeded. Always confidential, our charter team is ready to bring your loved one home.

    Personnel evacuation

    Speed and efficiency are critical when it comes to personnel air evacuations. There is often only a short window of opportunity to ensure the safe evacuation of your most important asset, your people. ACI has a team on standby to bring your team home.



    ACI has access to emergency aircraft with various cabin configurations across the globe.



    Our team ensures that only highly qualified professionals are onboard with you on your emergency air charter.



    ACI’s team ensures that all emergency air charter and air ambulance providers adhere to the strictest aviation maintenance standards.



    Working with you every step of the way, our team at ACI coordinates all necessary certifications, approvals, and insurance requirements.

    A Wide range of available aircraft and cabin configurations with exceptional cost per seat ratios.
    Crew management consisting of highly qualified professionals provided by the lessor.
    Oversight of all maintenance planning and logistics for an efficient, smooth service at all times.
    Necessary certification, approvals and insurance complete, up-to-date and in place.

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