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When an urgent medical situation arises, every second counts

We facilitate air medical transport, repatriation and personnel evacuation charters and have a 24-hour team on hand to provide quick and reliable repatriation.

When it comes to emergencies, every second counts. Recognizing this need, Air Charter International made it a point to offer air ambulance services to help address urgent medical and repatriation needs.

ACI has an around-the-clock team to provide safe and swift air ambulance, personnel evacuation and repatriation services. Our fleet of specially-adapted aircraft, highly-trained medical personnel, and efficient technical and operational systems ensure a high level of quality service at remarkably competitive costs.

With Air Charter International, expect to receive confidential, responsive, and seamless service thanks to our wide network of affiliates and vast experience in the industry.

Air Ambulance Services

You can rely on ACI’s high quality air ambulance charter services for quick and safe transport in the case of a medical emergency situation. An unexpected emergency calls for immediate and expert assistance, along with the assured availability of a professional medical team and equipment.

Repatriation Charter

We understand the special circumstances involved in medical emergencies and are committed to paying attention to every little detail to ensure we make a difference. If you need to bring someone home, then our repatriation charters are built to be responsive and confidential.

Personnel Evacuation

ACI remains committed to the safe evacuation of people and personnel by efficiently utilising the short windows of opportunity available during times of emergency.

A Wide range of available aircraft and cabin configurations with exceptional cost per seat ratios.
Crew management consisting of highly qualified professionals provided by the lessor.
Oversight of all maintenance planning and logistics for an efficient, smooth service at all times.
Necessary certification, approvals and insurance complete, up-to-date and in place.

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