When an urgent medical situation arises, every second counts

We facilitate Air Ambulance, Repatriation and Personnel Evacuation charters and have a 24-hour team on hand to provide quick and reliable repatriation.


You can rely on ACI’s high quality air ambulance charter services for quick and safe transport in the case of a medical emergency situation. An unexpected emergency calls for immediate and expert assistance, along with the assured availability of a professional medical team and equipment.


We understand the special circumstances involved in medical emergencies and are committed to paying attention to every little detail to ensure we make a difference. If you need to bring someone home, then our repatriation charters are built to be responsive and confidential.


ACI remains committed to the safe evacuation of people and personnel by efficiently utilising the short windows of opportunity available during times of emergency.

Why ACI ?
Specially Adapted Aircraft

Each aircraft we contract to provide medical flight transport has been designed to provide access for patients on stretchers, as well as the medical staff accompanying them.

Best possible care for your family

By working with multiple air carriers, we ensure that we’re able to provide great service at the most competitive price.

All through the journey

We can facilitate the whole process providing a bed to bed transfer.

Minimal documentation

Medical report that has been approved by the operators’ medical team and approved to fly is all we require.


We have a worldwide network and can source an aircraft from anywhere to anywhere


Contact us for emergency medevac support 24/7/365


Our air ambulance charter services are designed with patients’ needs in mind

We are just an email or call away!

We can provide you a solution best suited for your requirements.