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    India by Private Jet
    A land of stunning contrasts, India unites ancient myths and modern progress in a destination packed with natural beauty, historic sites, urban attractions and tech innovations. From the rugged and remote Himalayas in the North, palm-fringed Southern coasts, vast deserts in the West or the fertile mangroves and wetlands in the East, the country is diverse and exotic through every square kilometre. India is an equally wonderful destination for the leisure tourist, the business traveller, the family group, and the party goer, and what better way to see it than by customising your own travel plan? Indulge in the ultimate luxury travel experience by chartering a private jet to India.
    Get your journey started with an estimate price of private jets for rent in India.
    Important facts about India
    Language: Varies from state to state. English is spoken in most of the urban areas. Hindi is understood throughout much of the country, especially the North, while Tamil is spoken or understood in all Southern states.
    Area: 3.287 million km²
    Time: GMT +5.30 hours
    Climate: Tropical, with hot summers and moderate to cold winters in the North. The Western part of the country receives Monsoon rainfall from June to September. The best time to visit is generally October to March. Do research climate conditions in your chosen destination within India, as the country is large with a lot of diversity.
    Currency: Indian Rupee [INR]. INR 1 = Approximately 0.013

    Most popular destinations in India


    The capital city and political seat of the country, Delhi has much to beguile the leisure and business traveler. NCR, Gurugram, and Noida are corporate and tech hubs, while Old Delhi has some of India’s most beautiful architectural marvels through the centuries. Other things Delhi is known for include shopping - across designer and budget brands - soirees, and style.


    Also known as the Pink City because of its pink buildings, Jaipur is the largest city in the breathtaking desert state of Rajasthan. Jaipur is synonymous with luxury cotton, antiques and handicrafts, particularly silver or uncut diamond jewellery. Rajasthan has been known through the ages for the valour of its princely clans, the Rajputs, and many of their exquisite traditional palaces are tourist attractions today.


    The home of the Taj Mahal, the world’s most famous monument to love, Agra is one of India’s top tourist destinations. Stroll along the walkways and gardens of the stunning marble creation that elevates the architecture of the age to new levels. If you want a different perspective of the Taj, head to the historic Agra Fort some distance away, and gaze on the iconic structure from across the shimmering waters of the Yamuna River.


    The commercial capital of India, Mumbai is where the country’s millions flock to make their dreams come true - whether in Bollywood or in any of the hundreds and thousands of enterprises that make the city an economic powerhouse. Known for its iconic landmarks, vibrant nightlife, celebrity sightings, fine dining, fabulous fashion and immortalised many times over in pop culture, Mumbai has rightly been called Maximum City.


    Bangalore has been the driving force behind India’s vibrant and lucrative IT and IT Services industry for several decades now. Once a sleepy and verdant hill city known for its laid-back charm and relaxed attitudes, Bangalore today attracts the upwardly mobile from all over India as well as a growing expat population. Bangalore also lays claim to the moniker ‘Pub City,’ and this is evident from the always-happening nightlife scene that includes microbreweries and fun food concepts.

    Air charter flights to India

    Private jet charter

    Our private jets are the perfect option for business and leisure travellers, vacationing families and even pets with a preference for complete luxury and privacy. With a charter flight to India, we’ll take care of everything before takeoff, when you’re airborne and right after you land.

    Business jet charter

    Your time is money, and a private jet booking to India is an investment worth making. Let us help you optimise your schedule by offering you the flexibility to travel when and where you want, in the perfect environment, to discuss sensitive matters. Arrange a flight at short notice and never miss out.

    Group charter

    Fly high as a team and enjoy additional services like aircraft branding, valet, check-in, pickup and more. Whether you’re a jet-setting wedding entourage, a sports team, or a team of delegates, we offer bespoke solutions for you.

    Cargo charter

    We ensure that your goods travel safe. A charter manager will be assigned to create a customized cargo solution for you, after reviewing the unique needs of your products and business.

    Book your air charter flight to India

    Whether you need cargo transported or want to hire a private jet to Mumbai, Delhi and other parts of India, our ACI expert is on hand to help. For more details including the price of renting a chartered plane in India, please fill out the form below and we’ll reach out to you shortly.


    A wide range of available aircraft and cabin configurations with exceptional cost per seat ratios.


    Crew management consisting of highly qualified professionals provided by the lessor.


    Finding the right partner for your leasing requirements minimizing any risk.


    We negotiate your behalf even before we get present the deal - getting you the most competitive price.


    Our team has a combined over 200 years of leasing experience.


    Even after the deal is done, we have specialists work with you over the course of the lease.

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