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    Why ACMI Aircraft Lease Has Become a Popular Airline Business Tool?

    ACMI Aircraft Lease is an ideal short to medium term option for airlines that facilitates immediate capacity with minimum commitment and cost.
    More airlines are turning to ACMI Aircraft Lease as an economical fleet planning tool.

    There are a variety of reasons for ACMI Aircraft Lease including seasonal demand, interim to new aircraft deliveries, start up, also trial of new aircraft types for their route network.

    An increasing number of major airlines are relying on ACMI Aircraft Lease to form a significant part of their fleets during peak season allowing them to meet peak demand and thus saving costs during the low season.

    ACMI Aircraft Lease

    Why choose Air Charter International for your ACMI Aircraft Lease Requirements?

    For nearly 30 years Air Charter International (ACI) has facilitated aircraft on ACMI Lease to many international airlines worldwide.
    The Air Charter International’s ACMI team is equipped with the ACI SkySearch (copyright) data base with smart tools to quickly identify the most suitable aircraft at the right time.

    ACI facilitates more than 100 lease months and 30,000 contract hours per year. Air Charter International is a global leader for the provision of aircraft on ACMI lease.

    So, whether you want to expand your fleet without the added financial load or need additional aircraft to address rising demand, Air Charter International is your ideal partner to provide the immediate flexibility and solutions to meet your requirements.

    ACI ACMI Lease Team of experienced professionals is with you from beginning to end.

    What is ACMI Aircraft Lease
    (Aircraft - Crew - Maintenance - Insurance)

    Sometimes referred to as a ‘Wet Lease’, the Lessor provides to the Lessee the four main components required to start operations; Aircraft - Crew - Maintenance - Insurance

    The Lessee will pay to the Lessor an agreed fixed cost per block hour operated and all additional variable costs such as fuel, airport handling, flight catering, crew accommodations etc. are arranged and provided by the Lessee.

    Variants to ACMI can be: ‘Damp Lease’; where the Lessor provides the flight crew to operate the Aircraft and, in most cases, a supervising cabin crew member whilst the Lessee provides the Cabin Crew who are trained and validated by the Lessors regulator.

    All options have their advantages

    Advantages of ACMI

    ACMI wet leasing allows operations to start and react quickly to demand as the crew are already certified and ready to operate the aircraft. Airlines operations can expand and contract their capacity on short notice without the burden of having to employ or train additional staff or bear the upfront costs of purchasing a new aircraft on long term commitment.

    Advantages of Damp leasing

    When an airline needs additional capacity on short notice but already has the resources and crew available to operate the aircraft; Damp leasing allows the airline to customize and adapt the lease for their own needs and purposes benefitting from the advantages of ACMI, but removing some of the financial commitments.

    Dry leasing an aircraft

    When Dry Leasing an aircraft, the operator can negotiate whether the aircraft is an operating lease or finance lease. In both circumstances, the aircraft registration and AOC (Air Operators Certificate) must be provided by the Lessee.
    Under an operating lease, it is usually a shorter-term lease agreement and is not on the Lessee’s balance sheet. When a finance lease is agreed, the aircraft becomes an asset and forms part of the Lessee’s balance sheet. Under a finance lease agreement, airlines can negotiate to purchase the aircraft at the end of the Lease term

    Long Term ACMI Lease

    Air Charter International (ACI) is proud to have nurtured strong and trusted relationships with numerous aircraft operators across the globe. In doing so, the ACI team has secured and maintained long-term ACMI lease agreements in Europe, Middle East, Africa, Asia and beyond. ACI is your fleet expansion and demand increase partner.

    The ACI Leasing Team works with you every step of the way to ensure a seamless and cost-effective solution at all times.

    Short Term ACMI Lease

    The aviation industry is unpredictable, and sometimes you need an aircraft to meet additional capacity requirements, network, and route trials, overcome technical issues/unplanned maintenance, or mitigate the impact of late deliveries of a new aircraft. The Air Charter International (ACI) Leasing Team has a network of aircraft ready to fulfil your needs.

    The ACI Leasing Team is available 24/7 and will customize a solution to fit your budgetary requirements and immediate time factors and restraints.



    ACI has access to a wide range of aircraft with various cabin configurations and range options. From range and route analysis to cabin and cargo configurations to cost per seat and kilo configurations, there is a solution for you.



    Highly qualified crew are provided by the lessor and managed by ACI’s dedicated team. The crew and flight operations management is a critical part of ensuring a smooth lease operation.



    Maintenance is critical, and ACI’s team oversees all planning and logistics to ensure aircraft remain flight worthy at all times.



    The team at ACI ensures all necessary certifications, approvals, and insurance requirements are up-to-date and in place.

    Meet Our Team

    Air Charter International has a team of exceptionally experienced, skilled and passionate professionals. Working with you from strategic commercial and operational perspectives, they provide effective and efficient ACMI Lease solutions. Their combined expertise enables them to operate a seamless and global service.

    Our expertise

    The Air Charter International Leasing Team gets to work before an inquiry even comes in. This groundwork lays the foundation for a quicker response time and a more seamless experience. In other words, the ACI team knows what needs may arise in the aviation market and plans ahead accordingly. Through this forethought, ACI is well situated to provide the best possible alternatives - working with you from start to finish and thereafter.....

    Our specialists

    Air Charter International has a team of exceptionally experienced, skilled and passionate professionals. Working with you from strategic commercial and operational perspectives, they provide effective and efficient ACMI Lease solutions. Their combined expertise enables them to operate a seamless and global service.

    Why ACI?


    Trust is earned. With over 28 years’ experience and hundreds of successful leases, you can rest assured that Air Charter International is your preferred choice when it comes to ACMI leasing.

    Process & Service

    Over the years, ACI has developed sound processes and is proud to deliver an exceptional and personal customer focused service at every level, laying the foundation for successful lease operations.

    Negotiation and closing the deal

    Experience matters, and the ACI Leasing Team are the best in the business. From initiation to negotiation to closing the deal, Air Charter International has your best interests at heart.

    Risk management

    There is always risk, but with proper oversight, due diligence and risk assessment, that risk is mitigated. It is through these practices that the ACI leasing team provide the best ACMI lease solutions.


    A wide range of available aircraft and cabin configurations with exceptional cost per seat ratios.


    Crew management consisting of highly qualified professionals provided by the lessor.


    Finding the right partner for your leasing requirements minimizing any risk.


    We negotiate your behalf even before we get present the deal - getting you the most competitive price.


    Our team has a combined over 200 years of leasing experience.


    Even after the deal is done, we have specialists work with you over the course of the lease.

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