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We understand seaplanes from the inside, and ensure everyone can enjoy the benefits. All our aircraft charters are fully customisable for every client and designed using a consultative approach.

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One seaplane – multiple uses

Built to address a range of requirements, our Seaplane services are affordable and highly adaptable, granting you the optimal choice, whether it is access to remote areas or city centres, for business or personal use.

Premium Transfers with A Seaplane Charter

Every seaplane charter provides a sublime air tour as standard.
For corporate and private individuals, a seaplane charter provides expedited travel between destinations all across the region.


Be it a honeymoon celebration, immediate access to a huge range of five-star resorts, sports venues, destinations, or the option to land onto a private beach and step out straight from the plane to your destination, with a seaplane charter the possibilities are unlimited.

Impress Clients

Corporate clients use the seaplanes as incentives to reward their staff and offer these premium experiences to impress new clients.

Reduce Land transfers

Able to operate during all daylight hours, these charters provide point to point routes that remove or dramatically reduce land transfers.

Land at multiple locations

Revelling in their ability to land on both water and runways, it creates a flexible array of landing locations and flight routes that traditional aircraft are unable to match.

One of a kind experience

The engine whirl of a seaplane is far quieter than a helicopter charter and there’s always an exhilaration to taking off and landing on the water.

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