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Our spacious spa offers guests a range of treatments in luxurious and soothing surroundings. Beautifully designed with the city skyline as its backdrop.


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Offering spectacular views and the glittering skyline with unbeatable blend of luxury and comfort


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Spa experience personalised to your needs, our treatments include a range of body therapies


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Take one of our revitalizing programs specially designed to offer the luxurious pampering
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We will contact you with a free consultation and our experts provide full information to help you find the best option.

Find all the harmony, treat yourself with one of our enticing packages

The minute you arrive, immerse yourself in this gentle pool of tranquillity and find all the harmony, wellness and peace you have been craving during your stay at our spa.

A full body exfoliation and wrap, followed by lymphatic drainage massage and traditional cupping techniques work to encourage movement within the body while eliminating impurities by bringing them to the surface.

- Stan William Smith -

This company has a standout service. This spa resort is dedicated to restoring the body to a state of balance and vitality using a customized sequence of intensive clearing and detoxifying therapies

- Prateek Gupta -

Custom-designed Thai Yoga is the best, the journey begins with an herbal bath in our deep Japanese style soaking tub with yoga postures encourage a free flow of energy and balanced meditative state.

- William Stan Smith -

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Escape to the sheer seclusion of its gentle ambiance and let yourself be pampered and cosseted. Here you will find magical luxury for a leisure holiday.

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