Private Jets – The Way to Travel

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Private Jets - The Way to Travel

A new year calls for new experiences. Traveling via one of the Private Charters gives you the flexibility to get to your destination directly and with a customized itinerary that you chose.

As important, Air Charter International will swiftly and securely facilitate all of the formalities allowing you to sit back, relax and focus on what matters most.


At ACI we’re always solution-driven and striving to simplify travel, particularly during the busiest times of the year. By choosing to travel via one of our bespoke private jets, we can ensure that no matter the occasion, we’ll get you to your destination effortlessly, with a journey catered to your schedule and preferences.

Traveling for business

When traveling for business, you can rest assured knowing that you will be guaranteed complete comfort and privacy throughout your journey when onboard your luxury jet. Whether you have a meeting to prepare for, confidential calls to make; or sleep to catch up on, you will be able to spend your time productively within the comfort of your own cabin, ensuring you feel refreshed upon arrival.

Complete flexibility

We are committed to providing the utmost flexibility to our guests, taking each and every aspect of their trip into consideration as they plan every detail of their bespoke journey. We are also aware that plans can sometimes change, so our services are totally flexible to adapt to your new schedule.

Customised experience

With ACI, every aspect of your journey is bespoke. We even allow you to select jets with preferred interiors and configurations; with options of either a modern or classic look, or even a jet fitted with conference facilities to conduct meetings in the air. With no restrictions within the cabin, you’re free to control the environment how you like, enjoying the entertainment features on board and the company that you have brought along to experience luxury travel at its finest.

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We will provide you a solution best suiting your requirements.