The Real benefit of flying by private jet


Are you wondering as to why private air charter flights becoming more and more popular?

If we look deeper into the industry, we will find that there are a lot more advantages and benefits that make private jets so special.

Most people think that flying by private jet is only available for the upper class or elite. But the truth is that private air travel is more accessible than ever.

The industry is evolving and new options are emerging that most people aren’t aware about.

The travel time to the airport and the security check-ins are very hectic. They take up a lot of your time and energy. Then during the actual flight, you are accompanied by physical discomforts. These sure do affect your productivity and sleep.

Commercial airlines are improving their services with each passing day. They are selling opulent seats, suites, private apartments, 5 star food facilities and a wide range of other services to make first class more extravagant than ever before.

And yet, flying private remains the most luxurious and convenient way to travel, thanks to these benefits that first class can never offer. Private jet experiences are designed to match the passenger’s needs.

There are so many advantages that make flying private so special and convenient. More and more people are making the switch.

You may be thinking that TRAVELLING IN PRIVATE JET CHARTER is costly and unnecessary. But, when you consider all the factors, the benefits you receive with private jet travel greatly outweigh any costs.

1. Less Hustle in

Travelling with Private Jet

A lot of time is lost traveling to airports hours before the take-off time for security checks and wrestling through the queues for just picking up your bags and putting them in the scanners.

To save yourself from all this hustle, you can book yourself a private air travel.

Private jet passengers do not have to deal with any of this at the airports. It gives you complete control of your flight times.

You can arrive minutes before the take-off time. If you’re running a little late, you can always notify your pilot and they will delay the take-off.

Small Private jets do not need large runways and can handle with small staff. This also makes the process easier for travelers.

Passengers don’t have to fly out of busy hub airports when flying privately.

2. Get Faster Trips

With Private Aircraft

This is one of the most significant reasons for using private aircraft.

The main advantage of private jets is that they help you make faster trips to your destination as they are not tied to specific routes and networks and do not need to take any halts in between.

So, if your fuel tank does not need refilling, you can directly land at your destination without any interruption.

They are smaller and go higher. They climb faster than commercial planes. This helps them avoid busy routes and traffic and reach the final destination much faster.

Along with that, there are many smaller airports available to private jets. One of these could be closer to your destination.

Private jets have global reach via access to thousands of airports around the world.

3. Feel More

Security With Private Jet

Safety is of the utmost concern to any passenger.

There are strict FAA regulations governing the Air Charter industry.

They provide discretion and confidentiality.

When you fly privately, you can select your pilots and flight crew. You can select the highly qualified and experienced staff to ensure your safety and the peace of mind.

Good private jet operators hire the best crew to ensure that their safety management systems excel any commercial airline.

Also, it is important for many companies to protect their key staff from public exposure. While travelling with a private jet, unwanted and unnecessary interruptions and conversations can be avoided.

4. Flying on

Private Jet Is Less Expensive

Traveling on a private jet is not as expensive as you think it is.

There is a little cost difference between flying private and flying commercial.

When multiple people fly, it is even cheaper.

Most people who can afford to take a private jet do it because they just don’t want the hassle of commercial flying.

It is marginally more affordable than many people imagine, especially those traveling as a group.

For example, on a commercial aircraft, you rent a seat. If you have company, you rent two seats and pay double the price. If you want to bring ten other people on your trip, you pay even more to fly first class on a commercial jet.

With private jets, you rent the whole plane.

Whether you have one person or ten, the cost is still $5,000 per hour.

You and your ten companions can get amazing private jet experience for much less than a commercial.

Flying private is not as expensive as you think it is.

5. Get More

Comfort in Luxury Jet

Renting a luxury jet provides complete comfort from take-off to touchdown.

Whether you need to do business, sleep or simply relax, your private jet will have you covered.

All private planes come fully equipped with in-flight Wi-Fi, phones, a vast entertainment library and the ability for you to control the cabin environment.

You are free to do anything you like.

You can stream your favorite music, movies, TV shows or open a bottle of your favorite liquor.

Enjoy your time with spacious cabins featuring lavish, plush interiors, fully enclosed lavatories and many creature comforts for a more relaxed flight.

All private planes come fully equipped.

They have an extensive entertainment library and you can control the cabin environment as you like.

6. Get High-Level

Of Privacy in Private Aircraft

Along with the other advantages, private jets also offer the luxury of privacy.

You can be at ease and comfortable in the company of your family or friends in your private jet.

Privacy is of great concern to many travelers and flying commercial means giving up of your personal space, especially if you are traveling for business.

People around you in commercial airplanes are able to observe your activities.

They can see you read, work, write, leaving you little or no personal space.

A Private jet can give you the benefit of privacy. You can choose the people you want aboard your flight. This helps you do business freely.

You can work on your computer, make important calls, carry discussions and hold meetings. This will help you maintain confidentiality which is of utmost importance in the business world.

Some private aircraft companies offer jets with separate conference facilities.

If you are planning to invite two groups of people for separate meetings, you can absolutely do so.

So, if it is privacy that you are seeking, then you know how to get it.

7. Private Jet

Saves Time Through Efficient Landing

With private jets, land closer to final destination.

Private jets can operate out of any airport.

This allows you to accommodate your transport needs on more direct routes.

When it is time to land, your private jet crew will call ground transportation to get ready for your arrival.

Your executive jet can also organize a car, ready waiting for you as you land so you can get to your hotel or business meeting immediately and without further delay.

Thus, a private jet can save a lot of your time by landing as close as possible to your final destination and arranging for your further transportation needs.

8. Private Jet

Offers The Ultimate Flexibility

Flying privately gives you complete control of your in-flight environment.

You can be in charge of your schedule.

You can also choose your aircraft according to your needs – business or social.

These planes can be available at few hours’ notice and can wait if you are running late. It is even possible to change destination plans in midair if necessary.

You can decide who accompanies you onboard. There are no restrictions and you can control the cabin environment as you like.

You can blast your favorite music, open a bottle of your favorite liquor and smoke. You can plan a party with your friends.

On the other hand, you can work peacefully without interruptions and host business meetings.

When on a private jet, you’re free to do as you please.

9. Private TERMINAL

Offers Luxurious Lounge

Private terminals offer a luxurious private lounge where you can relax while you wait for the other members that are accompanying you on the journey.

Relax and unwind before your departure flight.

Make yourself at home as you enjoy the superior service, tranquility, and comfort of the lounge.

You can enjoy high speed Wi-Fi, refresh with a hot shower or tuck into an array of complimentary hot and cold food and drinks.

These lounges are available at all domestic and international departure terminals.

The chauffeur will then drive you straight to the tarmac.

10. Private Aircraft

Improves The Productivity

Most private aircraft provide a safe and comfortable environment to work in the sky.

The time that you save while travelling private, gives you more productive time, both onboard and before and after your flight.

Most private aircraft provide a safe and comfortable environment to work in the sky.

Without any interruptions, an employee can effectively prepare for an upcoming meeting while traveling.

Recent studies show that working in private business aircraft can improve productivity by 20%, while working in a commercial airliner makes employees 40% less productive than in the office.

Each employee would like to spend more passive time at home than on a business trip.

If your business cares about the employees’ welfare, and work-life balance is one of your core values, it’s time to change traveling style.

11. Flying Privately

Is More Convenient

Flying private enables you to often land closer to your true destination.

The power to travel with your special belongings such as instruments, sports gear, and product samples is also an added benefit.

Customers flying privately can bring pets as well as other hefty items that don’t easily fit on commercial aircraft.

You also avoid the risk of losing these items in checked baggage.

In addition, private planes provide much easier access for the elderly, handicapped or injured travelers, as well as accommodating wheelchairs and other equipment.

Private jet travel offers a great amount of timing flexibility and freedom.

12. No More

Hotel Bookings Needed

When you have to travel to many cities or countries at once, private jet is the best option to go for.

For many trips the away time with private jets will be less than what commercial flights take.

Also because there is no need to arrive at the airport early, and wait for your luggage.

Many private jet flights leave and arrive the same day and thus, no hotel bookings are really required.

A private jet can visit multiple cities in one trip. For example, you can visit city A, do business there and you can leave for city B directly. You can get good rest while flying in the luxurious jet between these cities.

The fully equipped private plane will make sure you get the comfort of a hotel room when on board. The crew will also make sure that you have a good time.

They will be at your service for all your requirements.

This will help you save you some extra money.

13. Experience Luxury

Interior Inside A Private Jet

We’ve all seen a private jet from the outside.

But when you see its interiors, you’ll know what luxury in the sky looks like.

And once you’ve experienced it, you’ll never want to fly commercial again.

Decide what the inside of your private jet will look like. Choose from a variety of jets which suit your requirements of different sizes and luxury interiors.

You can go for a modern or a classic while travelling with family and friends. Or, you can book for business purpose.

These jets have separate conference facilities which makes it easier to conduct meetings.

You can choose your jet size according to your needs. You can select small jets, medium jets, long range jets, regional airliners and large airliners.

Private jets are designed to provide utmost comfort to its passengers. It is worth all the money.

14. Get Enough

Overhead Storage Space

Every day at airports across the world, airline cabin crews have to deal with the lack of overhead bin space.

Airplane overhead bins are not designed to hold large amounts of suitcases, duffel bags, or musical instruments.

This is a major problem of commercial air – the lack of overhead space. There is never enough space for everyone.

Whereas, when you are a part of private air travel, you don’t have to fight for overhead space. There is always room for everyone’s luggage in a convenient location.

You also get private spaces for your expensive and exclusive luggage.

15. Get The

Best Cuisine Experience

When flying on a private jet, expect some of the best catering around.

Some larger jets even have their own mini-bars offering unbeatable variety.

Catered to your requests, you can employ Michelin-starred chefs from fine dining catering companies for your in-flight meals. They will make sure you have an exquisite meal.

You can inform the jet crew in advance about your special dietary requirements.

They will stock whatever items you need.

You can also have your personal bar on large jets.

Even though commercial airlines offer a wide range of meals and have improved their in-flight meals significantly, they cannot match up to this experience.

16. Enjoy Journey

With Your Pets

We are all too protective of our pets. Having your pet sent to cargo for a long flight can be worrisome.

Commercial flights do not allow pets on board.

Even if they do, they charge heavily for it.

Pets have to spend their time inside the cargo with poor ventilation and exposure to other animals.

This can be problematic when the duration of the flight is long. Some pets may also have respiratory issues, which can make things worse for them and you.

On a private jet, you don’t have to worry about this.

Your pet can be right alongside you the whole journey, enjoying the same level of comfort as you do.

So the next time you are travelling on a private jet, don’t think twice and take your pet along with you on the journey.

17. Get Stress-Free

Experience In Every Occasion

Enjoy a stress-free experience in the air with private jets.

Whether you’re booking a large jet for a getaway with friends, a small jet for a romantic island getaway or a midsized jet for business travel, professional flight crews and attendants will provide you with the perfect service during your flight.

When informed in advance, your flight crew can stock whatever items you prefer or need for your flight, including special requirements or dietary restrictions.

Furthermore, on your instruction, flight crews can decorate your luxury charter plane for special events like birthdays, anniversaries, weddings, honeymoons, as an ultimate luxury gift.

Once in the sky, they’ll be at your service. They will serve you drinks, prepare meals, and cater to a variety of requests during your flight.

Also, you can decide what you want on your menu from a wide range of options.

You can enjoy delicious food from five-star caterers and Michelin-starred chefs, fruits & vegetables and salads and cheese platters.

Or, just order whatever you like from the local deli.

18. Flying On Private Jet

Leaves a Huge Impression

Flying on a private jet project is an image of success.

Based on who you associate with, it is important to present an image of yourself or the organization in a certain manner to others.

For customers, the arrival and departure of company representatives on a private jet is a sign of a successful business, displaying your company’s interest in efficient time management and a high level of productivity.

You’ll be seen as an individual or organization that is well-run, efficient and can afford to fly privately.

When flying a private jet, for business dealings, you are able to invite others on board and offer them a splendid flight.

You can request the crew for a specific menu when booking to impress your guests.

In addition, most private aircraft provide a safe and comfortable environment to work in the sky. You can handle all the normal day to day business operations, like providing presentations and meetings.

If not for business, you can also impress your friends by inviting them on board for a party. You can show off the lavish jet interior, entertainment systems and amazing food.


These 18 reasons are everything you need to know about travelling by private jet. If you value your time and comfort, then you are going to choose private jet travel over anything else.

Renting a private plane allows luxury travelers to experience the benefits of flying private without heavy membership fees or the ongoing costs of ownership. Operators and charter brokers offer different levels of access to private planes at thousands of airports around the world.

The next time when you decide to travel, you have all the reasons why you should choose to fly a private jet over a commercial airline.

Not only will you save valuable time and money, but you will not lose out on any of your sleep and comfort along the way.

Thus, whenever you’re planning a holiday or a business trip, you can fly privately with Air Charter International. Once you fly private, there is no going back I promise.

We at Air Charter International are available around the clock to cater to all of your needs and we will be with you every step of the way – from the start of your travel plans to the time you land.

Our team of expert agents is available to help you choose the perfect aircraft for your destination, on the safest planes with most experienced crew, and also accommodate any personal requests you or your traveling party may have.

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