Narrow Body Aircrafts

Narrow-body aircraft have a single aisle and are traditionally used on short or medium-haul flight routes. These commercial aircraft range from small regional jets to larger narrow-body aircraft used on medium-haul routes. Here’s are some examples of the type of aircraft available:

Dornier 328 Jet

A twin-engined jet with capacity for 16-32 seats and a range of up to three hours flying

Embraer 145 / 170 / 190

The latest generation of twin-engined regional jet. The 145 model has seating for up to 50 passengers, the 145 model for 70-80 passengers, and the 190 up to 118 seats. All have excellent range and economy.

Canadair Regional Jet 900

roviding excellent speed and economy, the Jet 900 has two engines and a 76-90 seating capacity. We can also source the shorter Jet 200 model.

Fokker 100

A quiet regional jet with two engines and seating for up to 100 passengers. A range of around four hours

Regional Jetliner RJ100

A four-engine regional jet for 100 passengers, offering excellent performance on short-haul flights.

Airbus A320 / A321

TVery popular for wet leasing purposes with seating of 150 – 180 and a range of up to six hours. Also consider the A321, a stretched version with increased seating capacity

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