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Individuality should be celebrated. Air Charter International uses a consultative approach that individually handcrafts private jet charters for every client. Drawing on a worldwide network of airlines and providers, we ensure that you can fly anywhere, anytime.

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A few reasons to book a charter with us

You travel on luxury jets and charter aircraft that respond to the demands of a fast-paced world, enjoying meticulous aviation solutions that are ready at a moment’s notice.


With a private jet charter you open up a whole world of private airports and remote locations. Land transfers are minimised and private air terminals ensure there are no delays. You travel efficiently, saving time, often enjoying aerial access to destinations that can’t be reached by commercial airlines. Calculate the time saved and private jet charter delivers compelling value.


Flexibility is integral. We enjoy immediate access to the full spectrum of the aircraft, arranging everything from luxury and executive jets to large plane charters. Cabin configuration can be customised depending on your requirements, as can with all aspects of the on-board experience.


Our team provides consultation at all stages of the aircraft charter, giving you options and helping you make informed choices at all stages. We match you with an expert and have particular specialisms in corporate charter, Umrah and pilgrimage aircraft charter, aircraft for media events, and helicopter charter.

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